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The searching for love – that confronts loss and sorrow, while instilling compassion and the strength to survive. The release for CD Morid was October 2016.


Saeid Shanbehzadeh and Rostam Mirlashari takes us on a winding journey where exciting Afro-Iranianmusic meets blues and jazz. “Pour Afrigha” was released in 2017.

About Artist

Rostam Mirlashari is educated at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and is perhaps best known as “Prince of Balochi music” and vocalist in the multi-cultural group Golbang. From his hometown of Balochistan in south east Iran, he has taken a rich music tradition, which he developed in harmony with other traditions in his various bands. The unique voice and the inner expression are his signum.

Based In: Stockholm

Education: Royal College of Music

rostam (a)

DOB: 22/01/1961